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Jesus UrLove John 316 (1)

“5646316John316” as a Registered Trademark was an effort with my Trademark Attorney in Atlanta to have been acquired for over a year. The first application for “5646316John316” to be approved as a Registered Trademark was denied. The application was then resubmitted stating that in searching Google for 15 pages there was no mention of the John 3:16 Scripture Verse being referenced with 5646316, so as to state “5646316John316” as being unique. Therefore, “5646316John316” was qualified to become a Registered Trademark. This being accomplished to protect this Witness for Jesus Christ in the dominion of His “Common Good” – Romans 8:28.

56463161ohn316 – Every person in the world can benefit in the affirmation of their Eternal Salvation in Believing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior with this God Provided Affirmation in this God Given Providential Situational Circumstance as stated with “5646316John316”.

The Telephone Key Pads are the same in England and in the United States so 5646316 is a numerical reference to the John 3:16 Scripture. “56463161ohn316” will encourage people to remember and tum to and read John 3:16 in the Bible and to Believe in Jesus Christ for their Personal Eternal Salvation.

God put it upon my heart in July of 2017 that “Not Everyone Knows John 3:16”. Let “Us” John 17:17-23 bring John 3:16 to the Light of Everyone in the world to secure their Personal Salvation In Eternity With Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior Ephesians 5:8-13.

“BelieveOne God Only Jesus Repent And Be Saved” James 2:18-19 John 3:16-21 Captain Bobby Fuhrman.”

Motivation Statement

5646316John316 is now a United States Registered Trademark, March 10, 2020. The number 5646316 is John316 on your Telephone Key Pad.

5646316 is a Trinity Triune Number equaling the sum of 31.

3 Father Son Holy Spirit 1 God

Equation 5646316=31

5646316John316 was Providentially Manifested to “Us” in our Wednesday Evening Fellowship Supper and in our Wednesday Evening Life Class taught by Doctor Robert Ervin as we studied the Bible in the Book of 2 Corinthians, Paul’s Epistle. (“Us” spoken by Jesus in John 17:17-23) This Providential Witness from God, of His Son Jesus Christ, was manifested in His knowledge to “Us” in Fellowship with Him at New Hope Baptist Church on February 6, 2019 in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Children of all ages can learn “5646316John316” so as people they will always know John 3:16 the Scriptural Words of Jesus Christ. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.

God can then “Gain The Glory” and “Gain The Increase” and the Men and Women of the world, “Children Of All Ages” can receive God’s Salvation through The Love Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.