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By: Robert G. Fuhrman

Tackle The World

Tackle The World is a Message Of Truth Broadcasting Network Inc. domain. The phrase “Tackle The World” is a phrase of encouragement for each of “Us”(John 17:21). It is conveying the idea “I am going to “Tackle The World” today;  today will be a day of accomplishment; I will be successful in my activates today or I have been successful in my days activities i.e. “I am going to Tackle The World today or to say, I Tackled The World Today”.

Jesus Christ has done this for “Us” as stated by Him in the Gospel of John 17:21. For people who know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior they are in the fellowship of God, and in the fellowship of God’s People, as exemplified in this passage. Jesus overcame the world for “Us” at the Cross. Read Chapter 17 of the Gospel of John.

Tackle The World is a function of Message Of Truth Broadcasting Network, Inc. This function’s purpose is to encourage believers in Christ and to be a witness to those seeking faith in Christ. God is with “Us”. You can Tackle The World each day by trusting Christ as your personal Savior. Walk through your daily life putting your feet to your prayers trusting Him. I know this is true in my life as I have seen the validity of this in my personal walk with Jesus Christ.

Tackle The World is also a means for an internet domain. When linking to the domain www.TackleTheWorld.com this link goes to the web site of www.MessageofTruth.com which is the main Home Page of Message Of Truth Broadcasting Network, Inc.

Bob Fuhrman

1 Corinthians 2:11-16

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