Into your Life ®

Into Your Life is a key component to the question of salvation evolving three phrases. These phrases being Ask Jesus Christ Into your Life, Ask Jesus Into Your Life, and Ask Christ Into You Your Life. Through an individual’s free will, when asking Jesus — Into Your Life — you will receive God’s free gift of eternal life. This by believing in His Son and His redemptive work at the cross.

Jesus Christ will come Into Your Life, receiving personally the Holy Spirit by the provision of God’s Word; as exemplified in the Scripture John 3:16; you will receive God’s free gift of eternal life, never being separated from Him i.e. to never parish.

Into Your Life is an integral component of Message of Truth. Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father but through Him. (John 14:7 paraphrased for this dissertation.) Therefore a person, any person like you,  needs to make a personal decision to Ask Jesus Christ Into Your Life.

Into Your Life is also a means for an internet domain. When going to the link this takes you to the website www.MessageOf