September 14, 2015 Message of the Week

UsInJesus Motivation Tweets
Bobby Fuhrman Copyright September 3, 2015

At various times since the beginning of establishing BoGoJesus on March 5, 2013 I began to think about using the word “Be” in relationship to “BoGoJesus”. To make a statement like “Who Be BoGoJesus” instead of using the wording “Who Is BoGoJesus”. I wanted this liturgical artistic license for an additional repertoire of ideas to establish phrases for composing dot com Gospel Songs using BoGoJesus as a subject matter. I needed to find Reverence and Creditability for and in Christ to have the creative license to use “Who Be BoGoJesus” with humor and good taste for those that would hear this expression. I was in my Twitter account Bobby Fuhrman@BoGoJesus on August 17, 2015 and the idea came to me “To Be Or Not To Be” as a play on words for the word “Be” with the additional statement “Is Not The Question” to express the phrase BoGoJesus, with emphasis for the Lord, and to place one’s attention on Jesus. I tweeted on August 17, 18, and 19, 2015 each day adding phrases and new thoughts to this composition not having any realization as to the eventual outcome with the very last phrase as it was developed in the Creative Process.

First Tweet on August 17, 2015 the “To Be Or Not To Be” relationship for BoGoJesus.

To Be Or Not To Be Is Not The Question!
The Question Is “Who Is BoGoJesus”?
Believe In Jesus-You Have It Right!
James 2:18-19 John 3:16-21

Second Tweet on August 18, 2015 Considering BoGoJesus “Who Is” and “Who Be”

Considering BoGoJesus can it be stated?
The Question Is
“Who Is BoGoJesus” or The Question is “Who Be BoGoJesus”?
Seeing the “Is” and the “Be” I thought “Is and Be” as I completed the Tweet for the 18th.
Jesus “Is” So We Can “Be” I had the resolve for “Be” for “Who Be BoGoJesus”
Answer In Tomorrow’s Tweet

Third Tweet August 19, 2015 “Jesus Is So We Can Be” it was resolved. No it was’nt!

The Question Is
“Who Is BoGoJesus – Who Be BoGoJesus”?
The Answer Is!
“Jesus Is” So “We Can Be”
It was at this moment that I thought I had resolved using “Be” in “Who Be BoGoJesus”
My thoughts were moved totally extemporaneously filling me with fulfillment!
“We Can Be” “The” “Us” “In Jesus”
“UsinJesus” Thanks Lord this is so nice of You in the Creative Process John 17:17-23.

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